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    Why we are the best at caring for your feet

    We are the top medical choice if you suffer from any of the following problems:

    • Heel Pain
    • Ingrown Toenails
    • Bunions
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Hammer Toes
    • Foot Fracture
    • Toenail Fungus
    • Ankle Injury
    • Heel Spurs
    • Flat Feet

    Enhacing Lives Creating Comfort

    Please take a moment to read some of the reviews provided by real patients of our office.
    • I was a bit nervous to come in. I didn’t know what to expect as I had never been to a doctor for foot pain before. What I like best about your practice was how genuinely comfortable the entire staff made me feel and how Dr. Ekman took the time to answer all my questions […]

    • Dr. Murdock is the best foot doctor I ever had- He listened to me and spent ample time with me. He has a wonderful personality and knows what he is doing. The center was very clean and well kept.

    • I picked The Foot Care Center at random from an online search. So glad I did, Dr. Murdock and the entire staff were very pleasant and professional. Will recommend them to my friends and family.

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    Foot Care Center Awards

    We are a fully accredited podiatrist and certified treat all medical issues in the foot.