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What’s this sharp pain?

Patients will often come into the office with symptoms they think is from a Neuroma (a small nerve tumor). They either did a Google search or their primary doctor thought their symptoms indicated this diagnosis.

Most patients who think they have a Neuroma present with pain in the forefoot or somewhere in the area of the second third and fourth toes. Oftentimes, the pain is on the bottom of the foot but can also be on the top.

They describe it as aching and sharp. Sometimes they mention the feeling of their sock being bunched up.

At times, certain shoes make the foot hurt more and other times it hurts more when they’re going barefoot. There could also be short sharp pain that radiates into the third and fourth toes.

Most people don’t get relief from anti-inflammatories, ice, trying different shoes or resting the foot.

If a Neuroma is truly present home remedies aren’t effective. Most nerve conditions are this way.

The Neuroma can get larger over time. If this happens the symptoms worsen. It won’t just be an occasional pain… the pain will be daily.

Once the diagnosis of a Neuroma is made, very specific treatments are necessary to eliminate the symptoms. Fortunately, non-invasive treatments are effective most of the time.

Even more so than most foot conditions, a Neuroma is something that should be addressed very early.

If you have pain on the bottom of your forefoot near your third and fourth toes, especially if there’s symptoms that radiate into these toes, you may have a Neuroma.

We would be happy to evaluate your foot, make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the best course of treatment to eliminate your symptoms fast.


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